Gloucester Resolution

Public projects to be funded with public money.

​​Gloucester Interdependence Fund 

The idea is very simple, let us invest at least ten percent of our wealth to foster local cultural and economic development. Details can be found in a book titled To My Polis, With Love (2008). We proposed the creation of this fund in 1999, before the dot.com disaster. We proposed it again in 2008, before the Wall Street collapse. We are proposing it again now, before the arrival of all mother financial disasters in the history of the world. This project would implement, at the local level, the call for three new procedures in the operations of the Federal Reserve System that will give us a monetary world that is stable, lasting, and just.


Surimi plant ​

Details of the surimi plant can be found in the same book, To My Polis with Love (2008). Surimi is encountered in all food markets of the world, as lobster or crab meat analogue; it is pure natural protein. It is created through a one-thousand year old Japanese technology, updated by two food technologists here at the former Marine Station of the University of Massachusetts in Gloucester, the late Dr. Herbert Houltin and Dr. Steve Kelleher. This innovative technology uses herring and mackerel, the natural predators of bottom fish. The creation of a surimi plant is essential, not only to create jobs and wealth, or to preserve four hundred years of infrastructure investments in Gloucester, but especially to preserve and enhance the culture - the soul - of this city that is the first fishing port in the nation.

Two of our most important local projects are

the fostering and implementation of

the following two petitions


Long story. If the economic and cultural life of Gloucester and many other fishing communities in our country is threatened today, it is not because there are no fish in the ocean. There are no fish at the docks because of lack of understanding of the natural dynamics of fisheries stocks by a dominant political troika: bureaucrats, environmentalists, and economists. Fish will not be back at the docks until countervailing political action is put in place. That is the purpose of the two petitions. All such actions are justified on the basis of statistics, marine science, and economic science, much of it outlined on the same book To My Polis with Love (2008) and in ongoing research and publications. 

Involvement at the national level 

MEND THE FED  http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/a-patriotic-petition-1?source=c.em&r_by=2016207

DEFUSE THE BOMB  http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/the-jubilee-solution

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